End-of-Life Care

Catholic Guidance for End-of-Life Decision Making...

Do you have questions about medical and moral decisions that must be made as loved ones near the end of life?

End-of-life decisions, for ourselves and for loved ones, are among the most challenging we will ever face. Our Church offers comfort and practical guidance. Visit www.CatholicEndofLife.org to watch the video and read the New York State Bishops’ document “Now and at the Hour of Our Death.” Learn why the Church favors palliative medicine and comfort care, and why the Church opposes physician-assisted suicide.

What does the Church teach about…
· End-of-life medical treatments?
· Doctor-assisted suicide?
· Health care proxies and living wills?

Illness and aging, coupled with rapid advances in medical technology, can lead to heightened anxiety when health care decisions must be made. Go to www.CatholicEndofLife.org for assistance in navigating the end-of-life challenges that you and/or your loved ones face. Learn about the key principles of Catholic teaching in this area, and how to apply them in the complex world of medical advance directives.